How is AI changing the web design industry?

How has the fitness industry affected the tech industry?
December 30, 2023

How is AI changing the web design industry?

With the Dawn of AI and no code web builders, it has gotten very simple to create a website and through it live. However, what has been affected the most is the customer experience industry. The customer experience industry has been evolving constantly with new CRMs and tools that help agents reach out to customers faster, be concise and offer great resolutions.


As AI jumped into the web building process, the essence of customer experience was affected in such a way that our websites now are not equitable for people with sight issues, and people with short attention spans. Websites do not take in regard the user, the website is just built using machine learning algorithms that scan a couple dozen website templates and create a generic version of the website.

Every business has its own audience and the audience has to be kept in mind at all times while building a website. For example a website for retired people should have big buttons, and big fonts as with age eye sight is affected the most. 

We noticed this and have started to carve unique experiences for businesses which helps them spread awareness in a better way.

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