—   Everything starts with an idea and list of requirements to fulfill

We start with an idea which is then analyzed and visualized, once that's done needs are identified and requirements are gathered. Before proceeding to the next step these are very important for us as a team to fulfill so your product never lacks a bit.

Elicitation and Stakeholder collaboration

—   Elicitation of results and planning how stakeholders will give their input is very important for us

To be able to understand the exact goal and the exact solution that is to be delivered, it is important that results are elicited. Once that's done stakeholders are identified and a way for them to collaborate is figured out.

Delivering Solution

—   Delivering the proposed solution with the correct tools and guidelines is key

For us, a well prepared solution with a documentation that can be followed by anyone is key. For a solution to fit our quality standards, it has to satisfy all requirements and needs, and has to be as per the system designs. A well documented solution always goes to great lengths.